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summer-is-our-infinity asked:

Thank you for the follow, just wanted to ask if you're okay? Came across a few quotes on your wall which made me wonder.

No problem at all, I was more than happy to follow you :D Well, we all have problems right? We have our good and bad moments, our ups and downs. But I feel confident that at the end everything is better :D At the moment I can’t answer that because, to be honest, I don’t even know how I am ._. But I’m glad you asked…it also makes me wonder .-.


Anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm a girl. Who's not bi. And I've been in a relationship for 7 months but.. For all of those months I've been so in love it hurts with a girl who happens to be my best friend. I saw you're in the same situation kind of:/ If you have any advice or anything at even thoe you already got asked this please give it:/

It depends on what you’re asking me here, how to forget her or how to make her know you like her?

To forget her: Simply avoid any kind of communication with her, as hard as it gets you don’t message her, talk to her, or see her. If necessary just delete her number, this will help with your urge to text her. What also might help is for you to understand that you’re in a relationship already, and if you’re happy in it I don’t see why you would want to ruin that. Keep in mind that letting her know or telling her might ruin your friendship with her, things could go either way.

To make her know you like her: Give her little clues of what you feel, but not to the point in which she feels pressured or uncomfortable. You can go ahead and be completely honest with her and just tell her, but as I said before, that could either go good or bad. Also don’t confuse her with your feelings, know what you want before even making a move, this will avoid confusion between the two of you. If you know she wants the same as you, then go for it. If things do work out, make her feel special, make her feel a millions emotions, so many she doesn’t even have time to feel sadness or anything negative like that.

I hope that answered, because to be honest I was a little confused ._. But if I did not completely answered it or you still have questions make sure, please, to ask me anything again.

Have a wonderful day/night :D

One more thing…before doing anything please know exactly what you want, you don’t want the results to hurt you emotionally. 

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